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Evil Geniuses has taken a bold move by signing a team of Valorant players who are looking to shake up the esports industry. The team is made up of both men and women, which has caused quite a stir in the gaming world. This team is no ordinary group of gamers, and they are going to change the game for the better.

Evil Geniuses Signs Former Dignitas Women’s Valorant

Evil Geniuses has just announced the signing of their new team, which includes former Dignitas women’s Valorant players. This is a historic move, as it will be the first time that a professional esports team will have a mixed-gender roster. This is a big step forward for the esports community, as it will create a more inclusive environment and help to break down barriers.

Evil Geniuses new roster

What Is Evil Geniuses?

Evil Geniuses is a professional esports organization that was founded in 1999. They are based in the United States and have teams that compete in a variety of games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Rainbow Six Siege. They have a reputation for being one of the best esports organizations in the world, and their new Valorant team is sure to be no exception.

How To Join Evil Geniuses

If you want to join Evil Geniuses, you will need to be an elite gamer who has a passion for esports. You will need to have experience in the game that you want to play, and you will need to have a competitive mindset. You will also need to have a good attitude and be willing to work hard to achieve your goals.

Join Evil Geniuses

Example of the Significance of Male and Female Valorant Players Competing Together

The world of esports has traditionally been dominated by male players, which has led to a lack of diversity in the industry. However, with the emergence of mixed-gender esports teams like Evil Geniuses, we are starting to see a shift in the industry. This is important because it creates a more inclusive environment for female players and helps to break down gender barriers in the esports community. It also helps to promote diversity and encourages more women to pursue a career in esports.

Male and Female Valorant Players Competing Together


Overall, Evil Geniuses’ landmark decision to field a mixed-gender Valorant team is a step in the right direction for the esports industry. By promoting diversity and inclusivity, they are helping to break down barriers and create a more welcoming environment for players of all genders. This move has the potential to revolutionize the esports industry and inspire other teams to follow their lead.

Evil Geniuses new roster


Game Changed: Evil Geniuses Signs Former Dignitas Women's VALORANT

Game changed: Evil Geniuses signs former Dignitas women's VALORANT

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