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Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 brings a new Battlepass and a new map called Fracture. This new map has a unique layout with two sides, each featuring a unique set of pathways and strategic vantage points. It’s an exciting addition to the Valorant map pool, and players are eager to explore it.

Fracture Map in Valorant Episode 3 Act 2

Fracture Map

Fracture is a four-lane, asymmetrical map that has a lot of verticality. The map has two sides, which are connected by multiple pathways and ziplines. One side of the map is a sleek facility with a futuristic aesthetic, while the other is a dilapidated old factory.

The Art of Valorant Map Environments

Valorant Map Environment

Valorant maps are designed with a lot of attention to detail. The environments of the maps are created with the objective of providing a sense of realism and immersion for players. Detailed textures, lighting, and sound design are all carefully crafted to give players a sense of being in a real-world location. The maps are also designed to be visually striking and engaging, so players always have something to look at or explore.

UPDATED World Map with Server Locations

World Map with Server Locations

Having a low ping on online games like Valorant is crucial for a smooth gaming experience. Knowing where the game servers are located will help you choose the right server for your region, resulting in a better connection and a more enjoyable gaming experience. The updated world map with server locations helps you plan your gaming sessions accordingly.

League of Legends ‘Project L’ Netcode: What to Expect?

Project L Netcode

Project L is a highly anticipated fighting game under development by Riot Games. Riot is promising to use a new form of netcode for Project L that will provide a smoother online experience for players. This new netcode is called “rollback netcode,” and it’s designed to reduce lag and latency in online gameplay. Rollback netcode is already being used in some fighting games, and the results have been impressive. We can expect the same level of improvement in Project L as well.

Valorant Maps Ascent – Draw-Spatula

Valorant Map Ascent

Ascent is one of the most popular maps in Valorant, and for good reason. Its clean and organized surroundings, combined with a balanced layout, make it a great map for strategic play. To help players learn and remember the layout of Ascent, some creators have created a tool called Draw-Spatula. This tool allows players to sketch out their strategy and share it with their teammates seamlessly. It’s a great way to plan your gameplay and communicate your strategies effectively.


Valorant Maps : The Art Of Valorant Map Environments – All Valorant

Valorant Maps : The Art Of Valorant Map Environments - All valorant

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Valorant Maps Ascent – Draw-spatula

Valorant Maps Ascent - Draw-spatula

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League Of Legends 'Project L' Netcode: What To Expect?

League of Legends 'Project L' netcode: What to expect?

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UPDATED World Map With Server Locations : VALORANT

UPDATED World Map with Server Locations : VALORANT

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Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Brings New Battlepass And A New Map Called

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 brings new Battlepass and a new map called

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