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By James P. Hurley

What’s a Good System Monitoring Tool: Top 10 Picks for 2021


In today’s digital age, ensuring the smooth operation and optimal performance of computer systems is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. System monitoring tools play a vital role in achieving this objective, providing real-time insights into the health and performance of hardware, software, and network components. However, with a plethora of options available in the market, choosing the right system monitoring tool can be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore the top 10 system monitoring tools for 2021, helping you make an informed decision that suits your specific needs.

I. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM):

One of the most comprehensive system monitoring tools available, SolarWinds NPM offers robust features for monitoring and managing network infrastructure. With its intuitive user interface and advanced alerting capabilities, NPM allows you to proactively identify and resolve network issues, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and optimal performance.

II. Zabbix:

Zabbix is an open-source system monitoring tool that provides a wide range of monitoring options for networks, servers, and applications. Its scalability and flexibility make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. With features like data visualization, problem detection, and notifications, Zabbix empowers IT teams to efficiently manage their infrastructure.

III. PRTG Network Monitor:

PRTG Network Monitor is a comprehensive tool that offers monitoring capabilities for network devices, systems, and applications. Its user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards enable users to monitor their entire network from a central location. With PRTG, you can proactively detect and resolve issues, minimizing downtime and optimizing resource allocation.

IV. Nagios:

Nagios is a popular system monitoring tool known for its extensibility and flexibility. It allows you to monitor a wide range of network services, servers, and applications. Nagios provides real-time alerts, trend analysis, and reporting, enabling administrators to address issues promptly and effectively.

V. Datadog:

Datadog is a cloud-based monitoring platform that offers a comprehensive suite of monitoring and analytics tools. It provides real-time visibility into the performance of applications, infrastructure, and cloud services. With its advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, Datadog helps businesses optimize their systems and improve operational efficiency.

VI. ManageEngine OpManager:

OpManager is a feature-rich system monitoring tool that offers comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities for networks, servers, and applications. With its intuitive interface and automation features, OpManager simplifies the monitoring process and enhances troubleshooting efficiency. It also provides detailed performance reports and analytics to help IT teams make informed decisions.

VII. Prometheus:

Prometheus is an open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit that specializes in monitoring time-series data. It is known for its scalability, reliability, and extensive flexibility. With its support for multi-dimensional data collection and query language, Prometheus empowers users to gain deep insights into their systems’ performance.

VIII. New Relic:

New Relic is a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform that focuses on application performance management. It provides real-time visibility into the performance of web and mobile applications, enabling developers to identify and resolve issues quickly. With its comprehensive suite of tools, New Relic helps businesses deliver excellent user experiences while optimizing resource utilization.

IX. Icinga:

Icinga is a powerful, open-source monitoring tool that offers an array of monitoring capabilities for networks, servers, and applications. It provides a customizable and extensible framework, allowing users to tailor their monitoring solutions to their specific requirements. With its advanced reporting and visualization features, Icinga makes it easy to track performance trends and identify bottlenecks.

X. Checkmk:

Checkmk is an all-in-one monitoring solution that offers comprehensive monitoring for networks, applications, and servers. It provides real-time monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities, helping administrators proactively manage their infrastructure. Checkmk offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of pre-configured monitoring plugins, making it easy to set up and maintain.


Choosing the right system monitoring tool is essential for ensuring the smooth operation and optimal performance of computer systems. The top 10 picks for 2021 mentioned in this article offer a range of features and capabilities to meet the diverse monitoring needs of businesses and individuals. Whether you prioritize network monitoring, application performance management, or overall system health, these tools are equipped to help you achieve your goals effectively.


1. Can system monitoring tools work across different operating systems?
Yes, many system monitoring tools are cross-platform and can monitor systems running on Windows, Linux, or macOS.

2. How often should I monitor my systems using these tools?
The frequency of monitoring depends on factors such as the criticality of your systems, the level of activity, and the potential impact of downtime. Regular monitoring, preferably in real-time, is recommended for most scenarios.

3. Are there any free system monitoring tools available?
Yes, some system monitoring tools offer free versions or trial periods with limited features. It’s worth exploring these options before investing in a paid solution.

4. Can these tools be integrated with other management systems?
Yes, many system monitoring tools offer integrations with popular IT service management (ITSM) and incident management systems, allowing for seamless data sharing and streamlined operations.

5. How can system monitoring tools improve cybersecurity?
System monitoring tools can help detect and respond to cybersecurity threats by monitoring network traffic, system logs, and user behavior, facilitating early detection and mitigation of potential security breaches.


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