Simcity Launched A Decade Ago And It Was So Disastrous It Killed The Series

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By James P. Hurley

SimCity Launched a Decade Ago: A Disastrous Journey That Killed the Series


SimCity, a popular city-building game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts, was once a beloved and highly anticipated franchise. However, the launch of the newest edition of SimCity in 2013 turned out to be a disaster that ultimately led to the downfall of the series. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the disastrous release, the impact it had on the SimCity franchise, and the lessons learned from this unfortunate event.

1. The Excitement and Anticipation Surrounding SimCity’s Release:
H1: SimCity Creates Buzz with Latest Edition

SimCity has always been a treasured game among fans of the simulation genre. When Electronic Arts announced the release of a new edition, the excitement levels were off the charts. Gamers eagerly anticipated the opportunity to build, manage, and expand their virtual cities with enhanced graphics and new gameplay features.

2. The Unfortunate Launch:
H2: SimCity’s Disastrous Launch

However, when SimCity was finally released in 2013, it faced numerous issues, resulting in an overwhelmingly negative response from players. The game required a constant online connection, causing server problems and making it impossible for many players to access the game. This led to frustration and disappointment among fans who had eagerly awaited its release.

3. Server Overload and Online Connection Requirement:
H2: Server Overload and Connectivity Issues

The requirement of an always-online connection severely affected the stability and performance of SimCity. The game’s servers were ill-prepared to handle the overwhelming demand, resulting in players being unable to even launch the game. This forced gamers to wait for hours or even days to gain access, leaving many disenchanted.

4. Gameplay Limitations and Downsizing of Cities:
H2: Gameplay Limitations and Downsized Cities

Additionally, the new edition of SimCity introduced significant limitations in gameplay mechanics. The size of cities was drastically reduced compared to previous versions, restricting players’ creativity and freedom. This departure from the core elements of the franchise further disillusioned fans, who were expecting an improved and expanded experience.

5. Broken Promises and Controversial DRM:
H2: Broken Promises and Controversial DRM

Another factor that contributed to the disastrous launch was the broken promises made by the developers. Prior to release, Maxis assured players that SimCity could be played offline. However, upon launch, it became apparent that an internet connection was mandatory, leading to backlash and accusations of false advertisement. The implementation of controversial digital rights management (DRM) measures only added fuel to the fire, further alienating fans.

6. The Fallout from the Disastrous Launch:
H1: Fallout and Negative Impact on the Series

The disastrous launch of SimCity had a profound impact on the reputation of the franchise. Fans were disillusioned, and the negative word-of-mouth spread quickly, tarnishing the game’s reputation. Sales suffered, and the series lost a significant portion of its loyal fanbase.

7. Subsequent Attempts at Redemption:
H2: Attempts at Regaining Trust

Recognizing the damage caused by the disastrous launch, Maxis and Electronic Arts made efforts to regain the trust of players. Updates and patches were released to address some of the game’s issues, but for many, the damage was already done. Despite these attempts, the SimCity franchise struggled to recover and regain its former glory.

8. Lessons Learned from SimCity’s Downfall:
H1: Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

The SimCity disaster serves as a cautionary tale for game developers in the importance of proper planning, effective communication, and delivering on promises. It highlights the significance of thorough testing, ensuring server capabilities, and understanding the expectations of the fanbase. Developers must remember that a loyal fanbase can quickly turn against them if trust is broken.


The disastrous launch of SimCity’s newest edition in 2013 had a catastrophic impact on the series. From server overload and connectivity issues to broken promises and controversial DRM, it was a perfect storm of failures that led to the downfall of a once-beloved franchise. While attempts were made to salvage the reputation of SimCity, the damage was too severe, and the series struggled to regain its former glory.


1. Q: Can SimCity be played offline now?
A: No, despite promises made prior to release, SimCity still requires an internet connection to play.

2. Q: Did the downsized cities affect gameplay negatively?
A: Yes, the reduced city size limited player creativity and freedom, disappointing fans of the franchise.

3. Q: Were there any consequences for Maxis and Electronic Arts?
A: The disastrous launch negatively impacted the reputation of both Maxis and Electronic Arts, leading to diminished sales and loss of a loyal fanbase.

4. Q: How did the SimCity disaster affect the gaming industry?
A: It served as a cautionary tale for developers, emphasizing the importance of delivering on promises and understanding player expectations.

5. Q: Can the SimCity franchise recover from the disastrous launch?
A: While attempts have been made to redeem the franchise, it has struggled to regain its former glory, and its future remains uncertain.


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SimCity creators apologize for disastrous launch of newest edition

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SimCity Launched A Decade Ago, And It Was So Disastrous It Killed The

SimCity launched a decade ago, and it was so disastrous it killed the

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SimCity Launched A Decade Ago, And It Was So Disastrous It Killed The

SimCity launched a decade ago, and it was so disastrous it killed the

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SimCity Launched A Decade Ago, And It Was So Disastrous It Killed The

SimCity launched a decade ago, and it was so disastrous it killed the

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