Marvels Midnight Suns Deserved Better Than Its Terrible Dlcs

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By James P. Hurley

Title: Marvel’s Midnight Suns Deserved Better Than Its Terrible DLCs

Marvel’s Midnight Suns, developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games, is an upcoming tactical role-playing game set in the Marvel Universe. With its unique gameplay mechanics and an exciting roster of superheroes, the anticipation for this game has been high. However, as fans eagerly await its release in March 2022, there are concerns over the potential impact of downloadable content (DLCs) on the overall gaming experience. In this article, we will delve into why Marvel’s Midnight Suns deserved better than its terrible DLCs and the impact it may have on players.

H1: The Promise of Marvel’s Midnight Suns
Marvel’s Midnight Suns presents an intriguing premise by blending strategy, RPG elements, and a beloved roster of Marvel heroes. The game follows a group of supernaturally-powered heroes known as the Midnight Suns as they battle against supernatural threats. With the gameplay centered around turn-based combat and deck-building mechanics featuring unique cards, Marvel’s Midnight Suns holds immense potential for an immersive gaming experience.

H2: The Downside of Paywalls
One of the main concerns surrounding Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the tendency of publishers to use DLCs as a way to monetize the game further. This can often lead to the creation of paywalls, where players are required to purchase additional content to fully enjoy the game. Not only does this limit access for players who may not have the means to purchase DLCs, but it can also disrupt the overall game balance and immersion.

H3: Striking a Balance
While DLCs can offer additional content and extend the game’s lifespan, it is crucial for developers to strike a balance between providing value to players and not jeopardizing the integrity of the core game. DLCs should enhance the gameplay experience rather than being deemed necessary for it. By carefully considering the inclusion of DLCs and their impact, Marvel’s Midnight Suns can ensure an enjoyable and fair experience for all players.

H2: The Importance of Free Updates
An alternative approach to DLCs is the inclusion of free updates that offer additional content or features. These updates are often appreciated by players as they allow for continual engagement with the game without the additional cost. By providing regular free updates, Marvel’s Midnight Suns can cultivate a dedicated player base and foster a positive community environment.

H3: Community Feedback and Communication
To avoid the negative impact of DLCs, it is essential for developers to actively listen to the community and address their concerns. Open and transparent communication with the players can help alleviate any potential discontent and build trust between the developers and the community. By incorporating player feedback and considering their suggestions, Marvel’s Midnight Suns can tailor its DLC strategy to meet the needs and desires of the player base.

H2: Preserving the Integrity of the Storyline
Marvel’s Midnight Suns boasts an intriguing storyline that intertwines multiple Marvel characters and their unique abilities. As DLCs often focus on additional characters or story missions, developers must ensure that these additions do not disrupt the main narrative. It is crucial to maintain the integrity of the original story and prevent the inclusion of irrelevant or disjointed content.

H1: Conclusion
Marvel’s Midnight Suns has the potential to be an exceptional game, capturing the hearts of Marvel fans and gamers alike. However, the impact of DLCs, if not handled properly, can tarnish the overall gaming experience and alienate players. By striking a balance, offering free updates, actively engaging with the community, and preserving the integrity of the storyline, Marvel’s Midnight Suns can overcome the challenges presented by DLCs and deliver a truly remarkable gaming experience.


Q1: Will Marvel’s Midnight Suns have DLCs?
A1: It is likely that Marvel’s Midnight Suns will have DLCs, but the impact and implementation will greatly affect the overall gaming experience.

Q2: Do I need to purchase DLCs to fully enjoy the game?
A2: Ideally, DLCs should not be necessary to enjoy the core game. However, the impact will depend on how the DLCs are integrated and whether they create paywalls.

Q3: Can I expect free updates for Marvel’s Midnight Suns?
A3: Free updates are a positive feature that could enhance the game’s lifespan and engagement for players. The inclusion of free updates depends on the developers’ strategy and commitment to the player community.

Q4: How can the developers address player feedback regarding DLCs?
A4: Active and transparent communication is crucial. Developers should listen to the concerns and suggestions of the players and make adjustments accordingly.

Q5: Will DLCs disrupt the main storyline of Marvel’s Midnight Suns?
A5: DLCs should be carefully integrated to ensure they do not disrupt the main narrative. Preserving the integrity of the original story is essential for a cohesive gaming experience.

In conclusion, Marvel’s Midnight Suns deserves better than its terrible DLCs. By considering the impact of DLCs, offering free updates, actively engaging with the community, and preserving the integrity of the storyline, the game can provide an immersive experience for all players. Let’s hope that Marvel’s Midnight Suns delivers on its promise and leaves a lasting impression on fans and gamers alike.


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