The History Of Championship Manager And Football Manager

The History of Championship Manager and Football Manager Introduction The world of football management simulation games has been dominated by two legendary titles – Championship

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The History of Championship Manager and Football Manager


The world of football management simulation games has been dominated by two legendary titles – Championship Manager and Football Manager. These games have enthralled fans and aspiring football managers alike, allowing them to experience the thrill and challenges of leading their favorite teams to glory. In this article, we will delve into the history of Championship Manager and Football Manager, tracing their origins, evolution, and impact on the gaming industry.

1. The Birth of Championship Manager (CM)

Championship Manager, often referred to as CM, made its debut in 1992. Developed by Paul and Oliver Collyer, it was initially released as a game for the Amiga computer system. This groundbreaking game allowed players to take control of their favorite football team, making tactical decisions, managing transfers, and leading their squad to victory. Despite its limited graphics and simplistic interface, CM captivated gamers with its unparalleled depth and realism.

2. Growing Popularity and Evolution

As word spread about the immersive experience offered by Championship Manager, its popularity soared. The team behind the game continuously released updates and improved features, making each new iteration a significant improvement over its predecessor. The game found a devoted following, with players spending countless hours engrossed in the virtual world of football management.

3. The Split and the Birth of Football Manager (FM)

In 2003, a major split occurred between the developers of Championship Manager and their publisher, resulting in two separate series being formed. The developers, Sports Interactive, retained the rights to the game engine and player database while losing the name Championship Manager. They rebranded their game as Football Manager, which received critical acclaim and continued the legacy of its predecessor.

4. The Rise of Football Manager

With the birth of Football Manager, the franchise reached new heights of popularity. The game’s realism, attention to detail, and comprehensive player databases became its defining features. Football enthusiasts and aspiring managers became addicted to the game, dedicating hours to building their dream teams, scouting young talents, and competing against other virtual managers.

5. The Competing Titles

Despite the split, both Championship Manager and Football Manager continued to coexist, creating healthy competition within the genre. Championship Manager, now published by Eidos Interactive, aimed to reclaim its former glory. However, Football Manager remained the dominant force, consistently delivering new and innovative features that further heightened the gaming experience.

6. Advancements and Innovations

Over the years, both Championship Manager and Football Manager continuously evolved, incorporating technological advancements and innovations. The games expanded their reach to various platforms, including consoles, mobile devices, and online platforms like Steam. With each iteration, the artificial intelligence, graphical capabilities, and depth of gameplay improved significantly, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of football management like never before.

7. The Global Phenomenon

The impact of Championship Manager and Football Manager extended beyond the gaming world. As the games’ popularity soared, they captured the attention of real-life football clubs and managers. Many professional teams started using the games’ extensive player databases for scouting and talent identification. Some even invited the developers to provide insights into their managerial processes, recognizing the value of their expertise.


The history of Championship Manager and Football Manager is one of pioneering spirit, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of realism. These games have redefined the football management simulation genre, captivating millions of players worldwide. With each new iteration, they continue to push boundaries and deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Whether you started your virtual managerial career with Championship Manager or Football Manager, one thing is for certain – these games have forever changed the way we interact with the beautiful game of football.


1. Is Football Manager the same as Championship Manager?
No, Football Manager and Championship Manager are two separate series. Football Manager was created by the original developers of Championship Manager after a split in 2003.

2. Are the player databases in Football Manager accurate?
Yes, Football Manager prides itself on its accurate and extensive player databases. The developers constantly update and refine the database to reflect real-life player attributes, transfers, and performances.

3. Can you play Football Manager on mobile devices?
Yes, Football Manager has a dedicated mobile version available on iOS and Android devices, providing players with the opportunity to play the game on the go.

4. Is it possible to manage any team in the world in Football Manager?
Yes, Football Manager offers a vast selection of teams from various leagues worldwide. From the top-tier clubs to lower league teams, players can choose to manage any team based on their preferences.

5. Can I become a professional football manager by playing Championship Manager or Football Manager?
While playing Championship Manager or Football Manager can provide valuable insights into football management, becoming a professional manager requires real-life experience, qualifications, and a deep understanding of the game. The games serve as a simulation and entertainment experience rather than a direct path to a career in football management.


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